10 km far from Preabeachvillas on the beach , the famous village of Jericoacoara .
Jericoacoara is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world . Located about 300 km far from Fortaleza in the state of Ceara , Jericoacoara was , twenty years ago, a simple fishing village . Today, ” Jeri ” became the second name of Heaven for all Brazilians who love the place to rest , do sport , shopping or partying.

For only 20 years , ” Jeri ” has been having electricity, & some details haven’t changed in the village : the streets are « sandy streets» & all converge to the same point : the big dune , facing the ocean. In an unchanging ritual , locals and tourists meet there for the magical sunset .
Sports side, with unsual wind statistics , Jericoacoara is a leading destination for windsurfers .
And Jericoacoara, with its sandy streets and its beautiful beach, has become a tourist destination with the development of hotel accommodation and multiple restaurants.



If you want to enjoy the famous Brazilian nightlife, there are in Jeri many weekly events (Foro twice a week, samba Friday night) and many concerts on the beach.

Reserve your Buggy to enjoy a magic night in Jericoacoara.


Jericoacoara now offers a large number and variety of shops and restaurants.

To help you choose restaurant according to your budget and your desire, we can share our list of “best restaurants” in the village.


Jericoacoara is a fabulous windsurf spot with very good wind condition. The wind is Side-On oriented, perfect for magical rides.

Malada is a surfing beach where you can enjoy the style of local surfers or join them (surfboards to rent on the beach).


Don’t miss the  “Caïpirinha’s Street” .

You can have there the famous Caipirinha and also discover the wide variety of local cocktails…

A fabulous place to meet and share good moments at the rhythm of Brazil.


Let’s climb the famous  beautiful white sandy dune in order to admire the majestic sunset, with the sun literally falling in the ocean every day.


Every night just after the sunset, the different Capoeira schools meet on Jericoacoara’s beach.

There, you will assist to the great show, with incredible acrobatics and local music.