Here is the second part of our article to help you preparing your trip.

Once in Fortaleza, to join PREA / JERICOACOARA, several options, from the faster the “coolest”

Between Fortaleza and PREA, there are 280 Km … on the road.

We recommend to make the trip from Fortaleza to PREABEACH VILLAS the same day you’re flying, and to not sleep in Fortaleza, even with late arrival flight. FORTALEZA is not interesting from a touristic point of view ; even if the journey lasts, it is really nicer to wake up on the beach in PREABEACH VILLAS and have breakfast with ocean view. .


First option, &the faster is the helicopter !!! In this case, you have 1hs15 to go from Fortaleza to PREABEACH VILLAS , beautiful path over the beaches of NORDESTE, unforgettable memory,. Price : R $ 8000/2000 eurosfor one way.


Second option 4X4, the common method, it will in this case take 3hs30 to 4hs to come to PREABEACH VILLAS by road and ,R$ 500 per vehicle (4 people ), ; each vehicle can handle 4 to 5 people and your quiver.

There is also the possibility, still by 4X4 , to come by the beach, ride longer and more expensive, so a little it tirering after a long flight.


Third solution, the bus, : the cheapest one but also the longer ;the line is ensured by FRETCAR, it will take 7 hours and R$ 35.


Fourth and final method, the coolest too, KITESURFING !!!!! Downwind from Fortaleza to PREABEACH VILLAS, about 3 to 4 days, with 4 to 5 hours of kitesurfing day, a vision of the Brazilian coast from the sea, it’s magic, you will discover beautiful bays and hidden villages: fabulous but reserved for autonomous kiters and in good physical condition.


Let’s choose the way which suits you best &, if needed, we can organize it for you.


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