Why the Kitesurf’s spot of PREA JERICOACOARA Brazil is the perfect spot for beginners and advanced Kitesurfers ?

First point : wind statistics ! !

Indeed, how many times have you had a Kitesurf trip far away from home , ( most of the time with financial or time spending sacrifices) and, at the end, you only   have one windy day during your 7 or 10 days stay . Of course, kitesurfing is a great opportunity to discover different landscapes, countries and especially meeting new people to share experiences or just a drink ….. but I do admit that it’s really more fun to share a drink or an evening with other kiters after a good Kitesurfing session , which allows you to share new trikcs and new equipment with your new friends.

IN PREA JERICOACOARA the wind is daily present from July to February .

Second point: learning

How many times did you arrive at the local Kite school to learn kitesurfing and the instructor tells you “well, this morning , there is no wind , but the clouds are like ” cotton candy ” , then should be some air , no wind, but some air air in the afternoon ” The result is : you’re looking for the wind the whole day , have to take care of the kids, and tell them « no, we can’t move, the instructor said ‘ some air is coming’  “and then, at 16:30 the instructor says ” not good today , let’s come back tomorrow it should be good” and the next day ….

The advantage on the PREA JERICOACOARA spot is you are sure to have lessons every day and almost at fixed times , and even if one day you have to rest it ,is not a problem as you are sure to have wind the next day ……


Of course, sometimes the wind is strong , but with adapted Kite sizes , & especially the perfect wind direction you always have, which is perfect for learning ( SIDE ON ), you can get safely your lessons and after your 12 hours lessons, you will be able to Kite by yourself , great !!




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